Zeplin 1.0

Collaboration & handoff for UI designers/frontend developers

Zeplin 1.0 is a platform to help you and your UI team collaborate with no interference.Designers have their designs always updated because Zeplin has a cloud storage for everything. Developers will have easy access to the searched information by keeping everything synced, organized and their repetitive work done. Easy-peasy and convenient!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey folks! I'm Berk, one of the co-founders. With Zeplin, we’re scratching our own itch, working for a world where designers and developers can collaborate with maximum efficiency. We've just released 1.0, with a brand new UI and the asset export feature. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions! If you like Zeplin and want to subscribe, use the coupon code ZEPLINLOVESPH to get 25% off for 3 months. 🙌
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@berkcebi I've been using the beta for the last month with my developer. Absolutely brilliant!
@berkcebi We're using Zeplin since November 2014 :-) for Air, Sun (never released) & Meerkat. It's such a great tool. Congrats!
@benrbn Thanks Ben, that's awesome to hear!
@rocketclubco Thanks Eric, let me know if you have any questions.
Awesome, great work you guys!
@ahmetsulek Thanks Ahmet! <3
Congrats! Have been using Zeplin for a few months and it really is a great solution!
The missing link between Front-end devs and Product designers : brilliant !
Been using this for around 6 months now (across multiple teams) and we absolutely LOVE it. And by love I mean it's to the point where (apart from Sketch perhaps) it's the most useful tool / service we use. It's almost totally removed the back and forth / overhead between developers and designers, not to mention the products we're shipping are so much higher fidelity. Can't praise Zeplin enough for solving a huge pain point. @pelinkenez is super responsive and I also think their pricing plans are very reasonable. Congrats and good luck with the launch :)
@allmakebelieve ❤️❤️❤️ That's awesome to hear! Thank you so much :)