Zen Mind Map

The simplest tool to create mind maps

Zen Mind Map is the simplest mind mapping tool.
Key Features:
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Insert links and emojis
- Export as PNG
- Publish your mind map
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Great start. Request: ability to add collapsable and open notes, a regular text link (not an icon), ability to paste images (and make them as links) - could be a part of notes, Markdown export...
I really liked the minimal UI and generous free plan 😍, great job
I use rarely mind map system. I tried many app but none of them was good. This is great and very useful. Congratulations!
Hello fellow makers! Super excited to share our latest product Zen Mind Map with you guys. Last year, I tried to find a simple web-based mind mapping tool online, but couldn't find one, as most were too clunky and outdated. That's why I decided to build our own mind-mapping tool with a minimalist approach. Really simple UI, and only essential features are kept. Hope you guys enjoy this! If you find any bugs or have feature requests, please let us know at help@zenmindmap.com!
@zenmindmap @nickhoang Please check out the first comment on this thread above. The one by @vlad_korobov and do everything he said. It would make you guys stand out
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