In under 30 seconds get a free Mastercard debit card with an IBAN account in your favorite messenger (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber). Send and receive money using buttons, text or voice, pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay.
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Thanks for hunting us @Kevin and greetings, ProductHunters 👋 How much is your bank paying on your account? Big fat zero? or you pay them? How about: 1️⃣ Getting $5 for each friend that joins 2️⃣ Getting $1 for each friend of a friend that joins 3️⃣ Or our paid plans offering idle money % ZELF Mastercard Premium with 1% (FREE for Product Hunt supporters) or ZELF Pro 1,5% in ZELF cashback bonuses? (1 bonus = $1) As our thanks for supporting us we have 🎁 Product Hunt Community Special - a Premium Account 🆓 for 1 year (value of over $60) My name is Elliot Goykhman, and I am the founder of ZELF. As a senior executive for over 20+ I’ve led digital transformation of many high street banks in the US and in Europe (Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas and others). We spend 84% of our screen time on 5 apps — messengers and social media, and our conversations are the origination point of most of our financial transactions. This is why in 2017 I came up with an idea of a banking service within the messengers with pain-free onboarding and easy access to money. No apps required and using ZELF is as simple as sending a message – financial operations are seamlessly integrated into conversations. ZELF’s brilliant team built the next generation banking platform and we already got 350,000 cards preordered! Would love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions!
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@kevin @elro Hey Elliot, very interesting product, congrats on getting hunted! Couple of questions I've got here (and I'm sure others will too): · No app, so how does one check their balance? · If my Messenger account gets compromised, does that mean whoever gets access to that account gets access to my Zelf account? · Can I pay at any place with Zelf that takes credit cards? · Is the credit on my Zelf account subject to taxes? · What is Zelf doing behind the scenes when it sends 'money'? Is it factually sending crypto back and forth? Hope to get some answers :)
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@alexanderspoor, first of all, thank you for in-depth questions and I'd really recommend trying our card ordering (my link is, because you would see how the dialog with the bot works. As they say - a picture is worth a thousand words, plus you'd see it from your favorite messenger. 1️⃣ bots can accept commands by buttons, text or voice, so you could press [Balance] button, in our case [My Zelf], type in Balance or say "Balance", "What's my balance", or variations of it 2️⃣ the security is not just tied to your messenger account, payments are confirmed via OTP (one-time password) sent to you via SMS, so the thief would have to have access full access to your messenger AND your phones incoming SMS 3️⃣ yes, you can pay online or offline everywhere where Mastercard contactless is accepted (all the NFC payment technologies - Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay) 4️⃣ if by credit subject to taxes you mean the bonuses paid, then they are NOT subject to taxes, because there were several court decisions that ruled cashback to be a form of discount, and not income, BUT you should always consult a tax professional with such questions (disclaimer, disclaimer) 😂 5️⃣ not crypto, we are using standard bank and Mastercard rails and when the payment between accounts it's actually account-to-account and instant, even better than in crypto world, plus, since it over standard banking rails, it means that all the legal protection of funds applies (unlike in crypto)
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@alexanderspoor @elro @shl0ms We send SMS code with unique PIN code to confirm each and every transaction. No 2FA available in messenger interface. But for extra security we create ZELF vault – an app which allows to set up Touch or Face ID for transaction confirmation. Touch or Face ID are also required for changing your settings.
@alexanderspoor @elro @shl0ms Yeah 2fa would be great I second this.
I was thinking whether it is possible to use ZELF as a payment method for businesses. There are many small scale businesses in the Philippines and their payment methods are a bit faulty and need improvement. I was just thinking of the possibility.
There is just that much potential I see in your service when it comes to business.
@nabloaaron you are absolutely right - if you take WeChat Pay as an example. They are a messenger-based payment platform for both individuals and merchants. Same with us, but not closed loop and not only one messenger.
What are other features available in ZELF Premium and ZELF Pro?
@mlerma yes, there are increased balances, ATM withdrawals, free P2P transfers between identified users, but for the Product Hunt we highlighted the features that no neobank or bank competitor has in Europe.
@mlerma Hi Mario! These accounts are made for "Power Zelfers". For example, PRO account is perfect if your need to make recurrent invoices and use the cards for payroll.
@elro @olga_kaz3k00 Awesome! Looking forward to get it!
I think this is how the future looks like. And it is already here. Respect and good luck to Zelf team.
@sergii_danylenko Thank you for such a great support, Sergii !
Congrats, it's a really interesting concept! Couple of questions: 1. Your video mentions ZELF is building the "ultimate global brand for making cross-border electronic payments". Does that mean cross-currency too? If so, what kind of margin will you be taking on the FX? 2. If I understood correctly you only issue virtual cards for use within Apple/Google/Samsung Pay. Is there therefore no way to withdraw cash from a ZELF account at an ATM?
@lodhb thank you for your support and for the questions! 1. it's a bit too early to talk about specific FX margins as we currently operate only in euro within EU (SEPA) zone, but I can only say that the rates will be fair. Not subsidized. 2. a lot of ATMs these days support NFC, plus, if it's absolutely critical customers will be able to order an optional card from us, but we do not encourage that. We are driving toward cashless and contactless.