ZEIº Maker Kit

Create your own time tracking device

This time tracking device isn't a time machine but it might feel like it once you get this maker kit and create your own time device.
I think using the MakerKit, you could make a pretty cool Zei device for workouts...
Maybe this kit could be used to make a cool interactive toy for developing children - Some interesting triggers and games possible there... @cocoradunsky @manuel_zoderer @ttrauser @hnshah
@elizabethhunker @cocoradunsky totally. A few backers already shared with us their ideas about using this makerkit for education purposes. Especially in combination with gamification. There are already some startups working on that - unfortunately I can't recall the name right now
@hnshah thank you for hunting us! Hello everyone, I'm one of the founders behind this. I'm curious to hear your ideas, your thoughts and your feedback about the ZEI° Makerkit. As the inventors of haptic time tracking we have seen, that a time tracking device should be as flexible and individual as your time. That's why we've created the ZEI° Makerkit. Thank you for your time, Manuel
@ttrauser @hnshah hey Manuel, I don't see where I can buy the maker kit, any hints? also can I integrate it with my own app?
@arturkiulian hey, you can buy it on our Kickstarter page, just follow timeular.com. Regarding the Integration. Yes, we're going to have an Open API but it depends what your app provides.
Just backed for use in my classroom! Great stuff!
@chclteteacher Awesome! Let me know how it goes!