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Time is all we got, we should balance it correctly! ZEI° is a tiny time tracking device that will ease your life and get out your most productive side in no time! All you need to do is to choose your 8 activities, set the app and start flipping the ZEI° to its sides. Based on what you are doing, it will count your time per activity!


  • Pros: 

    Great Apps, very nice to have a physical device to turnover


    Disconnecting issues with laptop hibernation

    Playing with my Makerkit is a lot of fun, but took a while to get it right. I really like having the physical object to turnover, but the apps also work great on the phone. Main downside is that when my laptop is shutdown / hibernates, the zei does not always reconnect. Means I just use the app instead.

    Mark has used this product for one week.


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Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser
Hey guys, I'm one of the founders behind ZEI°. We believe that hardware can finally make time tracking effortless and instant. But we don't want to create just one more time tracking solution as there are already many out there - therefore we integrate it into existing solutions like @toggl @harvest @timeneye @wunderlist @trello etc... I'm happy to answer your questions! Cheers, Manuel
Mario FraißHunter@mfraiss · CEO, Founder and innovative Thinker.
Hi Manuel, you guys should definitely realize integration with @jira @tempo timetracking too ;)
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser
@mfraiss @jira @tempo yes it's on our roadmap.
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
Hello, Very cool product! This has inspired the following ideas from me: Ideas: Use cases for this innovative technology include usage by.. Employment Administration: To develop work schedule & review billable hours corresponding to work detail & for interviewing purposes. Educators: To develop a class schedule for review & improvement! Students: To develop a personal studying schedule for review & improvement! Mechanics: To develop a work detail schedule & create billable hours reference for customers. Contractors: To develop a work detail schedule & create billable hours reference for customers. Event Organizers: To develop a event schedule & keep event progressing appropriately. Public Speakers: To monitor allotted speaking time per topic! Sports & Fitness Training: To gauge workout time statistics! Doctors: To time their appointments with patients for billing. More Ideas for Use Cases coming soon! I hope this was beneficial for you to read! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar.
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser
@jay_bee12345 thank you Jaswinder very much, you're awesome!! There are some use cases that we didn't think about.
Rohit Srivastwa@rohit11 · Founder, ClubHack
@jay_bee12345 Liked the speaking time and event use case
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
@ttrauser @rohit11 Hello again, Bonus Use Case Idea: Lawyers & Judges will have excellent UX with your great product! Thanks again, Jaswinder Brar
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser
@jay_bee12345 @rohit11 I like the bonus - that goes along with ours :) thanks!
Mario FraißHunter@mfraiss · CEO, Founder and innovative Thinker.
This great device innovates the way people can track their time in future! Looking forward to the launch!
『Justin Pierce』@jtown_ · Founder, Overpowered Games
Yep, I want it. Was thinking about using an Arduino to build something myself but this looks great.
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser
@jtown_ thanks Justin! You still can go on building something with Arduino - maybe you come up with a better idea/solution? ;)
Yulian Ustiyanovych@yulian_ustiyanovych
Very cool idea! Does ZEI has feedback functionality (vibration, sound, whatever...), so I can set each project max/min time to work on? Already signed up ;)
Manuel BruschiMaker@ttrauser
@yulian_ustiyanovych thanks for the feedback Yulian! Well this would fall into the category of customized reminders. We don't have any plans for that right now, but as we want to add Pomodoro support as well, we need to add some kind of reminder functionality. Would you prefer a physical feedback functionality or would a notification/email on the mobile/computer be enough?