Curate links with ranked lists on certain topics/subjects

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Came across https://growth-hacking.zeef.com/... on twitter. A curated list of growth hacking stuff. Looks like a really useful place to go to when you're just starting off with something. Or curate a page and point to people to it if they ask about a topic/subject.
Surprised this hasn't had a bit more traction as it's pretty well executed.
@paddy a ZEEF page has been ft instead and recieved 900+ upvotes -> https://www.producthunt.com/tech...

The ability to connect the dots and list the connections makes Zeef an intelligent curation tool. Like Product Hunt it's about curation, but Zeef is less about what's new, and more about what's actively being used, tried and tested.


Excellent user-curating interface Lists of things tech Lists of lists Summaries


Not as popular as it should be