Exchange data between marketing, sales & accounting apps

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Thanks @Kevin. Glad you found it worth recommending!
This is a really useful tool. Is it possible to see what integrations are in the pipeline?
@yasrostom An upcoming or 'coming soon' section will soon be up. In the next couple of months, some of the upcoming integrations other than CRM, Marketing Automation would be Email Marketing, Finance, Billing, Support (ZenDesk, FreshDesk), Customer Engagement (intercom,
@yasrostom just extending the answer of @Tejaswi. More specifically, we are planning to come up with following business verticals & connectors soon: Marketing-automation (Hubspot, InfusionSoft), Sales-CRM (Base,, pipedrive, Dynamics), HelpDesk (ZenDesk, FreshDesk), Email-marketing (Mail-chimp), ERP (Netsuite, SAP), Event (Eventbrite, Go2Webinar). We try to prioritize & build our integration based on the feedback from customers. So please let us know if you are looking for any specific integration and we would love to build as per your requirements :)
Its always good to have more of these integration platforms, but how does your product differ from or BedrockData for example?
@fatfullstacks thats a grt question. We identified some key gaps in other integration solutions. Here are some aspects we focus on and differentiate ourselves with: 1. Depth of integration: We integrate apps and build it overtime so that all important data needed for accurate reporting and faster decision is included in data syncing options. For example, we dont just create an invoice for a sale. We map tax rates, sync it across eCommerce and accounting apps, we track the transaction fees too. this way, it is not just an invoice created but user is able to generate sales tax and expense reports in seconds in apps like Xero. 2. Plug and play: Its a plug and play system. Connect 2 apps, setup your settings once and sit back and let ZapStitch do the heavylifting. No need to create one zap for each data point, no hundreds of 'recipes' to make to get the data you want. Checkout some screenshots to visualize this. Our data sync is comprehensive and all encompassing. 3. Get a WoW experience: Our customer support is MAD about the success of our users. Our mission is to enable businesses to automate processes and get the results they want. Our job doesnt end with moving data. We help customers in understanding the data, help them with vertical knowledge and go all out to ensure that automation results in accurate faster business growth and our job doesnt end with moving data from software a to b. 4. Comprehensive yet super simple: We are driven by the value of simplicity. Though our app goes indepth in data integration, the settings and design of our app is built with a business user in mind. No complex 'data mapping' or settings which take a day to setup. You just need to answer some business logic questions to set it up (~10 mins and one time). We design these questions based on data you want and how you want it between the apps. The screenshots would be of help Hope this helps answer your question. Am thankful that you see potential in a solution like ZapStitch. Thanks for the support. Feel free to reply and take this forward. Cheers
@ravibits Good reply! I look forward to seeing it develop, I have personally ran into a lot of issues integrating ZOHO in particular as several existing services do not support it or do so at a barebones level, which is very frustrating compared to how well integrated some other CRMs are. Not using Marketo, but its good to see you showing ZOHO some love early on, and I will definitely consider testing out Zapstitch once you have some more integrations for it.
@fatfullstacks We are quite focused on Zoho. We are coming up with two new integration Zoho-QBO & Zoho-Hubspot in this month. If you are looking for any other integration for Zoho, just let us know. We are also in touch with top Zoho-experts. If you need any other help in using Zoho, I would be happy to connect you to the right person.
@fatfullstacks We love Zoho too :) Glad to see your interest in ZapStitch and upcoming integrations. I'll keep you updated
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