Zapier + MonkeyLearn

Automate workflows in 1,000+ apps with text analysis

#5 Product of the DayMay 02, 2019
MonkeyLearn now integrates with 1,000+ web tools thanks to its integration with Zapier. Connect MonkeyLearn with apps such as Typeform, Front, Zendesk and more to automatically get sentiment, topic, and keywords from incoming text.
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My two favorite tools working together better than before! I have been using MonkeyLearn for over 3 years now - in 3 different companies. Been a beta user of this integration for a long time. What do I use it for? - Sentiment analysis on outbound email responses? ✅ - Categorize churn survey? ✅ - Find sales opportunities within competitor customer tweets? ✅ And so much more!
@guillaumecabane these kind words means a lot coming from you. Thanks 🤜🤛
👋 Hi fellow hunters, Federico here from MonkeyLearn. Getting things done at work while having to juggle many different tools and apps can be a pain. The fact is, however, companies today use 16 different apps on average, and the number is growing from just 12 last year. For the typical person working in customer-facing roles, their daily stack touches email, NPS, surveys, tickets, team chats, forms, and more. With such a diverse set of tools to tie together, it can be a struggle to sort through the data for trends and insights; there’s just too much information to process manually 😞. Why spend time processing data when it can be automated? We’ve built an integration with Zapier that will allow you to analyze text at scale in 1,000+ apps. You can now build zaps to automatically tag incoming text for sentiment, topic, intent, keywords and more in a fast an easy way. By letting the AI do the job for you 🤖, you can stop manually processing incoming text, automate workflows and get more insights from your data 💥. I’d love to hear about how hunters can add text analysis to their Zaps. Please let me know your thoughts!
Congrats on lunch @federicopascual ! Great tool! You've done great work!