Find the best Halal food near you, anywhere

Zabihah brings the world's largest and most comprehensive halal restaurant database to your iPhone. With it, Muslims and others can immediately locate halal restaurants, mosques, and markets in their area.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Paul LeeCo-founder & CEO of Flipidea
UX looks/feels clean and straightforward. However, I personally reckon you can consider to improve your logo? :) Hailing from Brunei, the crested moon shape does universally symbolizes Islamic meaning, but I reckon you can pick something more friendly and relevant to food or F&B to symbolize the meaning of food? Just sharing my two cents on the logo design for a more impactful projection of 'halal food'.
Christian TwizereStudent, entrepreneur
Great App but you should definitely change your logo!
Shahed Amanullah
Frost Capital / Zakatify / Zabihah
Welcome to the newest version of Zabihah - rewritten for better performance and laying the groundwork for new upcoming features!
I write code and make puns
Found a halal store near my house. I used to Uber to a far away store now I found one that’s just a 20 minute walk! Thanks so much for the app 👌
I’ve used Zabihah before and it definitely needed to be updated the UI especially. I’m glad I can redownload and use it. My on caveat with this app was that I used it to find a restaurant which after doing circles in the whole area I could not find only to realise it had been closed. So the listings need to be regularly checked and updated. Thanks for the app.
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