Your life, your content, your rewards

Yuser is the gamified social network that rewards you for original content. Your Life, Your Content, Your Rewards!

  • ✨Yoshr✨
    ✨Yoshr✨Yoshi <3

    A lot more rewarding compared to other social media, as well as a positive growing community.


    Limited in usability, but it's expected cause it's a fresh app. There are some bugs that show up at times, but they're fixed very quickly.

    Yuser makes you feel more rewarded for posting than competing social media sites. Also, the dev team are always available to help if there are issues or bugs, and they're very passionate about fixing them as quickly as possible, which is fantastic.

    ✨Yoshr✨ has used this product for one month.
  • flamingo papi 🥛
    flamingo papi 🥛My bio is short just like me

    Great community on the application.


    Sometimes buggy but devs are always fixing any problem that the users bring up

    It’s a great way to stay connected, it’s fresh it’s new, and the community isn’t toxic. Lots of orginal content

    flamingo papi 🥛 has used this product for one month.
Hi Thomas, great idea! Some feedback on the landing page. I think you can make the download buttons more obvious or repeating them in multiple places (e.g. after how it works, or at the bottom of the page). Because currently the download buttons next to the image are below the fold so I actually spent some time looking for the download button after i scrolled down to read the intro. Good luck for growing your community for the app :)
@amandawongw Thank you Amanda, we'll be making adjustments over time to help communicate our message to users and those interested in our project.
Hey @thomas_cermak What's your goal with this product? Where do you see it in 5 & 10 years?
@jacqvon Our goal with Yuser is to put the user back in control of their content, this allowing users a better experience on our network, as well as the ability to monetize and earn off of their content. We are still in the early stages of our project, but in general we are looking to make cryptocurrency/blockchain more accessible and understood to the public. We feel that through a gamified social app this is one of the best ways to educate users on the technology.