Explore street food the locals love

No travel is complete without trying out local delicacies. People usually end up in restaurants and tourist traps that serve tourist version on the local dishes. Want to try the best local food? Go to a street food place, where locals eat.
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Cool product, I will try to use
@anton_gupalenko At this stage, we are focusing on adding content. On boarding few influencers :)
Just downloaded. I’m a huge user of Foursquare so will be interesting to see how it compares.
@robert_charbonnet It will be different than foursquare. We will be focusing more on experiences than just places. Thank you so much for trying it out. We are working hard on the content on boarding. :)
Very nice idea. It can be tricky to find what the locals prefer, rather than the flashy touristy attractions.
@j_j_j_like We spent 4 weeks to crack the idea. Hope we wont disappoint you :)