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Yummit is a marketplace for home-cooked meals on demand. Re-inventing takeaways for the better, offering authentic, fresh meals made at home, in real kitchens across globe. Delivered to you directly, or ready for pickup.

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Ben Levy
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
I've used a bunch of services in the past to purchase healthy meals and really like this angle. Do you envision any businesses using this as a way to distribute food that goes unsold? I could see some type of angle where it helps in the community vs. just throwing it out
Paul P
Paul P@pavlos1944
@benmlevy nice idea there
Liam McKay
Liam McKayMaker@liammckay · Co-Founder & Designer of Yummit
@benmlevy Definitely a fantastic idea. We'd love to see cooks giving away their unsold meals and produce for free through the app for one, but I love your idea of taking it a step further and putting unsold food from larger producers in the hands of cooks in the first place. Anything we can do along the way to facilitate and encourage this we will. Thanks!
Marc Perel
Marc PerelPro@marcperel · Coded LayersWP. Co-founded Obox.
This is smart, I love the idea of leveraging people's skills within your community!
Liam McKay
Liam McKayMaker@liammckay · Co-Founder & Designer of Yummit
@marcperel Yeah, I think everyone knows at least one friend who's incredible in the kitchen, we're just providing them with an outlet for that creativity :)
SyntacticSugarDaddy@mitchwongho · Android Engineer
I had this same idea a couple of years ago. How do you handle city food & beverage permits (health & safety) and licensing? It was a major hurdle for suppliers.
Liam McKay
Liam McKayMaker@liammckay · Co-Founder & Designer of Yummit
@mitchwongho Thanks for the question! There's no simple answer - it's going to be different in every location, we're just going to have to work together as a community to help each other out finding the best solutions. In most cases, home cooks will likely have to register as a food business, and receive the required certificates. I've spoken to my local council in the UK and this process is very cheap, quick and easy. As long as you know what you're doing in the kitchen (even at an amateur level) you shouldn't have problems getting approved.
Liza Schwartz
Liza Schwartz@liza__schwartz · Blonde who likes startups
Cool 😍
Michiel De Mey
Michiel De Mey@michieldemey · Head of Engineering
Nice to see this, I personally worked as a software engineer at https://flavr.be, which is the exact same concept but locally to Belgium. We have over 20K users now. ☺️ Good luck guys! 👍
Liam McKay
Liam McKayMaker@liammckay · Co-Founder & Designer of Yummit
@michieldemey That's fantastic to hear, thanks for the support and glad to see you guys are doing such a great job with it already, congrats. Fascinating to see the idea already working, if we're ever over in Belgium we'd love to give it a try and order a dish!