Fun activities for kids and family!

Hi! My name is Thomas Bodenski. I have founded Yuggler, to simplify parents' search for fresh ideas for kids activities and family fun. While building Yuggler for the last 2 1/2 years with 13 major and minor releases, I have become an expert things to do for children in New Jersey and New York and leveraged Yuggler to organize and plan our family fun. We enjoyed many, many amazing activities, that I would have not known if there was no support from Yuggler. As a father myself, I was frustrated with the limited and often redundant amount of information that is accessible for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to find local kids activities on the go. Everything required hours of research or web searches. There was no easy mobile method to find the fun and interesting family activities nearby that I was looking for. My wife and I relocated several times with our son (from New York, to Zurich, to Vienna, back to New Jersey), and with each move we would again face the struggle of finding activities to do with our son as we acclimated to our new environment. Wanting simply to spend every second of free time having fun as a family, we found instead that we were spending a lot of time just trying to find new things to do in our area. Other friends and family members also lamented the lack of a resource for families, so I set out to find a solution. I reached out to my brother in 2013 and invited him to join me on a journey to build a mobile App that would massively simplify parents’ lives by providing them with the freshest ideas for kids activities in seconds - whenever and wherever they need them. The result is Yuggler, the community for family fun.
Yuggler has been honored for Best Family & Kids [Mobile Sites & Apps] in the 20th Annual Webby Awards. I would like to invite you to read our story how we became a Webby Award Honoree and the most popular App for parents on the App Store in Lifestyle/Family, how everything started, our journey from the early days to the present, the struggles we had to overcome while building Yuggler, and what keeps us going on our mission to revolutionize the way parents find fresh ideas for things to do for kids. Hope you like it! Our story can be found here: http://yuggler.com/yuggler-the-a...
Over two years and thirteen version updates later, we just introduced our most unique and advanced feature for discovering kids activities: User-Constructed Top Charts for Kids Activities. We developed an algorithm that enables the scoring of activities based on community actions. Based on these scores, parents can view top charts – such as top 10, top 20, top 50 or top 100 – of kids activities that meet their configurable criteria such as location, range, category, gender, age, weather, season, duration and cost. On the go, in real-time, parents, grandparents or caregivers are able to construct their own best-of lists and discover activities for children in seconds. No more manual research or reliance on static web pages that feature the top-rated kids activities, which are typically outdated, editor-influenced and impossible to search for specific criteria. We have also made access to our premium features for organizing family fun much easier and more affordable for parents who don’t have it in their budget to purchase the premium features for bookmarks, favorites and reminders. At your discretion you can activate bookmarks, favorites, and reminders either by contributing monetarily, inviting friends to join the Yuggler community, or spreading the word. Besides all of that, we have also optimized the near me map view, simplified the navigation within the App, improved the search with the ability to sort search results by score or distance and so much more. With this new refreshing update, Yuggler is by far the most technologically advanced, native App available for finding kids activities. We enable universal links, 3D Touch, multitasking on iPads with split views, location-based search, relevant push notifications, full integration with 3rd party Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest for nonstop collaboration and so much more. All in all, our development team made so many outstanding changes that we felt the need to call this update Version 3. Happy Yuggling!
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LA Times writes: "Parents, need an extra hand entertaining the kids? With your Yuggler app you can build a list of fun things to do at your destination that puts the kids’ interests first." the the article "Trying to plan fun things for kids to do? The Yuggler app makes it less of a struggle" (http://www.latimes.com/travel/la...)