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YouTubers, track progress towards 💰monetization & beyond 🚀


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Kovács Máté
Lewis Smith
Kevin Quisquater
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  • Kovács Máté
    Kovács MátéIndie iOS Developer

    Simple, easy to use tool


    Did not find anything

    It's nice to have a tool like this especially since google changed their limitation to show ads. It's a big milestone to reach and this app helps you to see the progress towards the monetization

    Kovács Máté has used this product for one month.
  • Kevin Quisquater
    Kevin QuisquaterWannabe indie iOS Developer

    - Beautiful and straight-to-the-point UI

    - Most important feature is free

    - Additional paid features for power users


    Not found any

    YouTube's decision to change their eligibility criteria for monetization took a lot of small youtubers by surprise. This app helps them stay positive and focused on this new challenge, and attain (or get back to) the new subscribers and watch time thresholds. Simple and brilliant.

    Kevin Quisquater has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Simple, clean interface


    Can't think of any

    It's early days, but great to see so much active development

    Lewis Smith has used this product for one month.