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Hi Product Hunt, I’m Ed, an indie iOS developer from Belgium and the maker of YT Tracker. I launched this iOS app in reaction to YouTube’s monetization policy changes. One of my 2018 resolutions was to start a YouTube channel to share my journey as an indie iOS developer. A couple weeks after I started, YouTube changed their Policy regarding videos monetization going from 10k views to 1k subscribers + 4k watch hours per year. This was a big news for the YouTubers community and also the perfect opportunity for me to start a new iOS project. Three weeks later, YT Tracker was born and launched on the App Store as a mini MVP. It's available on iPhones & iPads. Today I’m launching on Product Hunt after a few updates which let YouTubers do the following: 1. Track their project towards these new goals 2. Track milestones of their choice (i.e. how far am I from 1 million views? i.e. do I get a consistent intake of subscriber every week?) My goal with this app is to help YouTubers stay motivated on their journey and to keep things simple to make analytics very digestible. It’s all about turning data into insights. This app solved my own problem and I glad to report that hundreds of other YouTubers are already enjoying it every day. The next steps for me are to build more features to bring even more insights and help YouTubers answer questions that will directly inform the videos they make or the way they manage their channel. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below, I’ll pop throughout the day to answer them. PS: this was the YouTube video I posted when I first launched the app. It’s a bit obsolete now but feel free to have a look at the full story:
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Thanks for spreading the word @amrith, any thoughts let me know :)

It's nice to have a tool like this especially since google changed their limitation to show ads. It's a big milestone to reach and this app helps you to see the progress towards the monetization


Simple, easy to use tool


Did not find anything

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Thanks for the review Maté!!

YouTube's decision to change their eligibility criteria for monetization took a lot of small youtubers by surprise. This app helps them stay positive and focused on this new challenge, and attain (or get back to) the new subscribers and watch time thresholds. Simple and brilliant.


- Beautiful and straight-to-the-point UI

- Most important feature is free

- Additional paid features for power users


Not found any

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Thanks Kevin, glad you like the app so far! More features are coming up soon.
Is it not available for Android?
No yet @kvschethan, but this has been requested a lot since I launched. I'll consider porting it to Android depending on the success on iOS :)
@barbieredouard Great to hear that!
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It's early days, but great to see so much active development


Simple, clean interface


Can't think of any