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Google's YouTube app built just for music

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LOL, this video is a bit intense:
Smart move by Google to create an app dedicated to one of the most popular use cases for YouTube: music listening. Here's @drew's TC write-up.
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@rrhoover I thought the video was great and must've taken FOREVER to edit together! I recently read How Music Got Free and there was a great story about a top music exec who asked his grandson how he listened to music and the kid pulled up YouTube and they watched a bunch of music videos together. That's where the idea for Vevo came from. There's an insane amount of music content on YouTube and some of it rather obscure and not available on other streaming services. Interested to see how this progresses!
@lylemckeany @rrhoover That´s a really interesting area. Millennials have grown thinking that they don´t have to pay for content and this is really different to change. There´s only 1%of the world population paying premium right now. It will grow but still a vast part of the young people will want to access to music without paying premium. It´s going to be really difficult to change that perception in new generations.
I don't know for others but, wow finally can play music with screen off on Android! Way to go, no more need for crazy kernel hacks (Xposed framework-style) ! Edit: Looks like its a premium feature and i have it free for 14 days owww
I like how it plays music in the background
Its funny because I have seen apps build this exact same thing using the Youtube API, not sure why it took Youtube so long to build this?
@koridhandy I expect they had to ask permission
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