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Turn any video into a GIF directly inside YouTube

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Rory O'Reilly
GifYouTube here. Good Job by YT ^_^. Still a LOT to be done with the GIF sphere, and we're tackling a lot of interesting problems now. May be interesting to work with YouTube on this too. Edit: Meant to be a response to @thomasmeagher
Andreas Klinger
Remote First Capital ๐Ÿ / AngelList โœŒ๏ธ
For those as confused as me for landing on the normal youtube homepage. It's currently not enabled for every video as explained in the TC article. It works for this one here Click on the share -> Gif button and you should be able to do it. It works. Trust me.
Eddie Wharton
Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
@andreasklinger how do you embed GIFs on PH?
The question is: Did YouTube already have this on their roadmap or did they get the idea from gifYouTube:
Time Travel Researcher
@thomasmeagher The easiest answer is nearly everything was on a roadmap that nobody had time for until a smart upstart showed how powerful it could be.
@niket that's an elegant, succinct answer. Thanks!
Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
can we get some thoughts from youtube friends ? cc @natedesmond
Timan RebelManaging Partner at NEXT Amsterdam
Oh no.. today is the day the internet will explode
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