YouTube Gaming 2.0

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YouTube announced yesterday that they'd be shutting down the standalone Gaming app to port over the streaming experience to the main app/site itself.

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Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
Closing down apps to open similar ones is really Google's thing lately.
Anthony Plomion
Anthony Plomion@anthony_de_la_mansarde · Off Road Entrepreneur
70B$ in valorization but seems that Google still doesn't have a clear plan for YouTube. Acting like 7 years old kids :/
Joshua Talley
Joshua Talley@joshuatalley · Sales Operations Manager, Grundfos
Really wish they would do this more often. Maybe then a product would stick around longer.
anuj omar
anuj omar@pedor6
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Nick Booned
Nick Booned@nick_booned
Youtube very well developed