Youtube Control

A simple and ready to use remote controller to youtube

Youtube Control is a simple way to remote control your youtube it's just open the page on your computer read the qrcode on your phone and start to search and play videos :)

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It is a really useful thing. Thanks!


I like the Idea.



It didn't work for me. After tap a video, nothing happens both on phone and computer.
@ozgrozer Me too. Scanned QR code, loaded web page on iPhone, searched for video, tapped on it, nothing happens. Additionally, I'm getting an HTTPS error saying that the site is unsecure.
@ozgrozer @magnuson Hey guys, I'm sorry about that, on iPhone the P2P (WebRTC) doesn't work :(, I'm going to use a alternative that will make it works, Thanks for report :)
@ozgrozer @magnuson The Iphone problem is fixed now, thank you guys and sorry about that
What so you guys think of the new design?