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The best alternatives to Youtube Control are Apple TV Remote, HugOne, and C2. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Youtube Control
The most powerful image and video APIs

  • Apple TV Remote is an app that transforms your iOS devices into a remote to let you have an incredible experience with the Apple TV. You can use that app with the Siri remote too. Stop the madness of looking fo...

  • Family sleep monitor

  • C2 is a platform designed to nullify any bias in terms of race, age, gender, disability and culture when treating a workforce and provide a measurable matrix for a person best suited to grab a new opportunity.

  • A chrome extension which will help you to skip non skippable ads on your desktop YouTube for free.

  • Wanna pause the YouTube without soiling the keyboard with your greasy burger-finger? Control your YouTube with your fingers!

  • A simple unique chrome extension to control your YouTube tabs from anywhere in the browser. Seek, Search, Play, Pause YouTube tracks (and even skip video ads!) from anywhere in your browser using this chrome ex...

  • Don't have a racing wheel? No problem. Use your iPhone to send device accelerometer data to a PC on the network. This is used to emulate a virtual gamepad, allowing you to have an exceedingly immersive experien...

  • You can search in the subtitles or transcript of the video and jump right to the part that you are interested in. Save your time, use our Keyword Search!