A fast and easy way to hire software engineers

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2017

YouTeam is a marketplace of hundreds of software agencies that share information about engineers working for them, so that you could seamlessly select your contractors and hire them for your project. Simply search for a technology, browse available profiles, book interviews with desired specialists and meet their agencies in a matter of minutes.

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Hi everyone! Some time ago, in one of my previous startups I was tasked with scaling our development team by a couple of specialists. First, I childishly dreamt of an in-house hire as a perfect solution. As you can imagine, finding a permanent senior engineer for a small London-based startup on a budget is sort of mission impossible. So then I went on freelance platforms. After much trialling and testing I figured the whole "freelancer setup" won't work for a long term engagement I needed to form. So I turned to nearshore outsourcing. I was lucky enough to have some contacts in the market but even that didn't help much. Only after weeks and weeks of negotiation, waiting, delays, more negotiation and more waiting my team was finally formed and we could get down to work. Thankfully I had no further issues and they turned out to be great guys. We all have heard plenty of stories saying otherwise. Why does it have to be so hard with outsourcing? What if I just had access to hundreds of profiles of available specialists working in these agencies and ready to start work ASAP? What If I could simply book an interview, where I’d meet this specialist and the agency she works in - and make my decision in hours or days instead of months? What if I could then sign a direct contract but pay safely and securely with a money-back guarantee? I wish I had all of that, but I didn’t. That’s why me and my colleagues decided to build it :) Meet YouTeam - the simplest way to hire a software engineer. Welcome to the world of no-bullsh*t outsourcing. Please help us become better by sharing your feedback about the platform, the model or anything else. We are here to answer all of your questions!
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Interview the candidates or send tech assignments with free assistance from your YouTeam advisor. Hire only select app development companies.


Fast and easy way to hire software developers



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Great solution! I think it is the nice product for startups
@yuriy_krisarchuk thanks for your comment. Spot on, tech startups are our target early adopter audience as they (we) often have burning development needs to be addressed on a tight budget and in ever-changing conditions. In this instance in-house hire often becomes too expensive and almost "too permanent". Freelancers - too short-term and not "dedicated" enough due to the very nature of their operations. We believe this specific pain can be addressed with outsourcing, but the whole process of finding the right specialist and agency is really painful. That's exactly what we are changing :)
Nice thing, will definitely try it out in my current project)
@creotiv thanks Andrey! We are running a small promo for Hunters, where you can get 20 development hours for free if you book an interview with an engineer today :)

In general we are happy with such collaboration


We got really interesting costumers using this system


Not a small fee