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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2017

YouTeam is a marketplace of hundreds of software agencies that share information about engineers working for them, so that you could seamlessly select your contractors and hire them for your project. Simply search for a technology, browse available profiles, book interviews with desired specialists and meet their agencies in a matter of minutes.

  • Yuliana  Oselska
    Yuliana OselskaAddicted to big and meaningful changes

    Pre-booking. Each individual profile contains the information on engineers' availability so their services can be booked in advance.


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    The platform approach enables really faster and easier to find outsourced contractors - both a single engineer or the whole development team.

    What's important, these engineers are not freelancers, they work for real software development companies. The point is that, on the one hand, these companies want to make sure their engineers are fully engaged at decent projects. On the other hand, the clients don't need to spend time and cost for due-diligence and pre-vetting process.

    This is exactly what YouTeam is aimed at - to match both sides on one marketplace.

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  • Tristan Senycia
    Tristan SenyciaProduct Manager 4 YouTeam

    Very straightforward hiring process, access to pre-vetted engineers and overall flexibility and speed of engagement


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    Differences between YouTeam & UpWork.

    YouTeam has been designed to provide you the opportunity to rent talented engineers who work full-time within remote companies.

    UpWork on the other hand has been optimised as a freelancer portal. Whilst companies do appear on the site through an option called ‘Agency Freelancing’, the hiring processes don’t really suit hiring from agencies. But why is that?

    The next three points will explain how YouTeam is different from Upwork and demonstrate features which optimise the process of renting talent from within remote companies.


    YouTeam thoroughly pre-vets companies before admitting them to the platform,

    Upwork doesn’t run through this process, instead the onus is you to do your own due-diligence

    The Hiring / Renting Process is different between the two platforms, in a nutshell:

    YouTeam uses the booking paradigm (similar to or Airbnb)

    Whereas, UpWork has a process similar to Social Networks where you can reach out to everyone

    Which leads us to the fourth main difference which is engagement model:

    Upwork uses the Standard freelancing model - which means freelancers hired through UpWork tend to be working across multiple projects.

    YouTeam on the other hand usually assigns full-time dedicated resources. In this way engineers aren't constantly switching between different projects.

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Anton Mishchenko
Anton MishchenkoMakerHiring@anton_mishchenko · CEO and Co-Founder, YouTeam
Hi everyone! Some time ago, in one of my previous startups I was tasked with scaling our development team by a couple of specialists. First, I childishly dreamt of an in-house hire as a perfect solution. As you can imagine, finding a permanent senior engineer for a small London-based startup on a budget is sort of mission impossible. So then I went on freelance platforms. After much trialling and testing I figured the whole "freelancer setup" won't work for a long term engagement I needed to form. So I turned to nearshore outsourcing. I was lucky enough to have some contacts in the market but even that didn't help much. Only after weeks and weeks of negotiation, waiting, delays, more negotiation and more waiting my team was finally formed and we could get down to work. Thankfully I had no further issues and they turned out to be great guys. We all have heard plenty of stories saying otherwise. Why does it have to be so hard with outsourcing? What if I just had access to hundreds of profiles of available specialists working in these agencies and ready to start work ASAP? What If I could simply book an interview, where I’d meet this specialist and the agency she works in - and make my decision in hours or days instead of months? What if I could then sign a direct contract but pay safely and securely with a money-back guarantee? I wish I had all of that, but I didn’t. That’s why me and my colleagues decided to build it :) Meet YouTeam - the simplest way to hire a software engineer. Welcome to the world of no-bullsh*t outsourcing. Please help us become better by sharing your feedback about the platform, the model or anything else. We are here to answer all of your questions!
Yuriy Krisarchuk
Yuriy Krisarchuk@yuriy_krisarchuk · Product Manager at
Great solution! I think it is the nice product for startups
Anton Mishchenko
Anton MishchenkoMakerHiring@anton_mishchenko · CEO and Co-Founder, YouTeam
@yuriy_krisarchuk thanks for your comment. Spot on, tech startups are our target early adopter audience as they (we) often have burning development needs to be addressed on a tight budget and in ever-changing conditions. In this instance in-house hire often becomes too expensive and almost "too permanent". Freelancers - too short-term and not "dedicated" enough due to the very nature of their operations. We believe this specific pain can be addressed with outsourcing, but the whole process of finding the right specialist and agency is really painful. That's exactly what we are changing :)
Andrey Nikishaev
Andrey Nikishaev@creotiv · ML Magician
Nice thing, will definitely try it out in my current project)
Anton Mishchenko
Anton MishchenkoMakerHiring@anton_mishchenko · CEO and Co-Founder, YouTeam
@creotiv thanks Andrey! We are running a small promo for Hunters, where you can get 20 development hours for free if you book an interview with an engineer today :)
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · Founder
congrats on the launch! How is your solution better, comparing to others on the market?
Anton Mishchenko
Anton MishchenkoMakerHiring@anton_mishchenko · CEO and Co-Founder, YouTeam
@lisadziuba Hi Lisa! Thanks for your question. In simple terms, YouTeam combines safety of in-house recruitment with flexibility of freelance hiring and convenience / price of outsourcing. The client has a direct engagement with the dedicated specialist. The contract between the sides is also direct, so no middlemen are involved. YouTeam acts as a payment processor that protects the transaction and governs the relationship between two sides. While maintaining the level of collaboration that can be compared to your permanent full-time staff the whole thing is as flexible as a freelancer portal - engineer profiles are accessible and searchable, and the team is assembled in hours, not months. Last but not least, the costs associated with our solution are much more in line with those in outsourcing, making YouTeam a much more affordable solution than in-house hiring. Of course each of the aforementioned types of engagement have their own pros and cons - we use a little table, which you are more than welcomed to look at if you want to dig deeper into the differences:
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo Pedenko@graver_ua · Product Manager @
Huh, congrats on the launch. But at the moment is really unclear to me: what is the difference between this and Upwork for instance?
Anton Mishchenko
Anton MishchenkoMakerHiring@anton_mishchenko · CEO and Co-Founder, YouTeam
@graver_ua Hi Pavlo! Thanks for your message. Actually we wrote a whole blog post about this - feel free to check it out and let us know your thoughts: In short, we provide the same level of specialist transparency and flexibility Upwork does, but for a much-much more dedicated and professional work setup. All that with rates somewhat similar to those on Upwork ;) As you know, sometimes having a bunch of freelancers is not enough no matter how experienced they may be. Outsourcing is great when you need a more "professional" setup. Another organisation manages operational, financial and legal affairs of specialists, while client is enjoying a full-time dedicated access to them for a an agreed period of time. Finding such engineers and identifying reliable partners is a pain as is establishing a trusted relationship, and that's exactly where we can help.