Notes app that puts privacy first

YourNote is a note-taking app that put user's first. With YourNote, your notes are -

πŸ”’ Secure since you control how and where they are stored

πŸ”‘ Private since they are encrypted using your private keys

🌐 Open since they are stored in plain markdown format

With YourNote, the note you write in 2018 stays accessible in 2028, no matter what.

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Hi PH, The maker of YourNote here. YourNote is a user-first note-taking app. By user-first, we mean that user's personal data (which are the notes) are guaranteed to be secure and private if you use YourNote (not like Facebook 😜). This is achieved by using Blockstack and Gaia for user authentication and user data storage. So, at any point in time, user and only the user has access to their notes. Even if their Gaia storage gets hijacked, their data is encrypted using the keys only the user holds so it's basically impossible to access a user's data for a third party. This establishes two things. 1. πŸ”’ Data Security 2. πŸ”‘ Data Privacy So with YourNote and Blockstack, we can be sure that we are good on those fronts. Another thing that makes YourNote interesting is that it uses open standard (markdown with frontmatter) for storing notes. So even if YourNote gets taken down, the user can still access their data using any text editor as the data is stored on their own storage. Also, if the user doesn’t want to use YourNote for some reason, they can export their data and either use a text editor for accessing them, or fork YourNote and make their own app. So basically, another thing that YourNote guarantees is - 3. 🌐 Data Accessibility I believe these three things are very important for a note-taking app which stores data that is more "personal" and "valuable" to the user than photos, media, and other data. What do you think?
@aviaryan123 I think you have created a very good foundation for a note taking product. The three topics are definitely very important. Some of us would say these are essentials every software product have to provide πŸ˜ƒ The problem you have solved is typically of high interest in companies these days. But your pitch seems more addressed to individuals. Business leader would ask, how they could handle team scenarios as well. To sum this up: You have definitely created a good thing. When from now on note-taking related problem solutions dominating your product roadmap - you will be able to make many users happy. I wish you a successful year 2019!
@llabball To be honest, I didn't even consider the business angle. My assumption was that companies have an in-house note-taking solution that they will keep on using, or they would rely on a solid B2B like Basecamp. But maybe I am wrong, I will look more into it. Thank you, and wish you a good new year as well.
I can’t find pricing page...
@daidardi It's free, at least for now. I have mentioned it in the FAQ section of the website.