Create a secure collection of all your social media content

YourCopy™ lets you collect all of the personal digital content from all your social media accounts into one beautifully convenient content collection.

With YourCopy™ you have a secure copy of your social media content, even if something happens to the source account, and the utility of finally having all your digital content in one place.

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Hey everyone - we're very excited about launching YourCopy™ on @producthunt ! For a limited time, we are giving away a few accounts for FREE. This is a special offer for fellow makers who can help us as early adopters by using the product, providing feedback and promoting it to their network. We're passionate about creating a platform that provides true digital content independence. Let us know if you'd like to join us. Be in touch - we'd love to hear from you!
@producthunt @mattnavarra Thanks Matt. We'll reach out to you directly. You're awesome.
Congrats on the project, seems really cool and will have to try it out.
@brennon_denny Thanks Brennon! We appreciate your support!
Forcing a user to pay before trying even though it says first month is free, irrespective of how affordably this awesome product is, may throw a spanner in user acquisition. Why not have some type of a free-forever plan in addition to the existing monthly/yearly options @zevi_reinitz?
@angeloe , Thanks for the feedback. Aside from a basic "free forever" model, are there other models that you have found work to drive customer confidence and adoption of the service?
@zevi_reinitz A pleasure and the referral model works really well for individual subscriptions (a win-win for users + product growth). Another idea is in keeping with your current option of monthly/yearly recurring models targeted at companies/startups plus an option for individuals driven by rewards (unlocking challenges on subscription levels within your platform). Hope this helps.