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Setup a VPN on a private Linux server in minutes, for free

VPNs can't be trusted. The free ones are open about invading your privacy and selling your data (they're slow too). While the paid ones promise not to sell your data, it's easy and profitable for them to do so. Running your own server is the best option.
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I've always felt that VPN providers were dodgy. You know the free ones are selling your data, because if you don't know how a service makes their money, then you are the product. The paid ones aren't transparent enough, they promise not to sell your data but who knows if they do. Setting up a VPN on a private linux server has always been what I am most comfortable with but it can take time and is hard for anyone not familiar with a Linux shell. Your VPN is a site I made that makes this really easy. It allows you to setup your own OpenVPN server in a few minutes.
@iadam30 Awesome idea man. I've always wanted to make my own VPN because I agree with you completely. These companies are definitely black boxes. I will definitely check it out!
That sounds awesome! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Can you please add the Hetzner Cloud?
Haven't tested this Adam as I don't currently have a use, but nicely done! You may want to consider changing the landing page's design. Texts are too big and too much 'in your face' in my opinion.
How does it fare against algovpn ( in terms of security and client support? There are some fair arguments against using OpenVPN for such solutions. I understand that your app automates the installation through some scripts so maybe you can also use Algo (which is a set of Ansible recipies as well) as a back-office to do the deployment?
@new_user_65669186f8 Algo looks good, especially the WireGuard support. But IPSEC is not better/more secure than OpenVPN in my opinion.