Your Twitter Data

Access and control over how Twitter uses your data

Twitter's new privacy policy brings a new set of Personalization and Data settings and while also expanding what's included in Your Twitter Data... so now you have a lot more control and transparency over how advertisers view you and your account and target you. This is ultimately how advertising companies grow up — by giving you more control over what third parties can see and know about you. Google and Facebook both do this, and have for some time.
@chrismessina This is super cool! ...doesn't it make Twitter less appealing to advertisers, though? Unless Twitter is shifting to a direct payment to users/creators from advertisers, why would anyone update this information honestly?
@chrismessina it's quite disappointing that they send the data in a PDF format.
Now I know what my IP address was on July 8th, 2008 at 8:29 PM 😂 It's great to see what kind of advertising data is formed around me and my interests and the ability to modify that for more relevant ads.
"Age: 13-54" well companies are getting invasive, aren't they
@thewrongjoshua stunning accuracy!!
@thewrongjoshua Reading this data had me giggling. To think people were worried about too much targeting potential. Age: 13-54 Interests: Golf ☑︎, Rap Music ☑︎, Kim Kardashian ☑︎, MP ☑︎ (Canadian Members of Parliment) 😂
@richjdsmith I'm listed as male and didn't even need to read further to know accuracy is seriously flawed. Even if I don't state it anywhere it makes me think they forgot to include at profile pics.
@thewrongjoshua One of my interests is named as "HaHa"..