Your Time Capsule is 2 hours of throwback tracks picked just for you.

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Alternative tagline: Timehop for music. Absolutely loooove this. Here's my playlist, Lil Wayne at the top.
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@rrhoover mine starts off with Blink-182 and I am so proud of that fact. I'll be jamming to this all day.
@rrhoover dude I about flipped when I saw mine had like 4 EPMD tracks in the first 10!
A nice idea, but it's assuming based on when it thinks I was a teenager and what I've listened to in recent times from that era, as being what I listened to when I was a teenager. In my case however - I got into most of the predicted artists from my teen years during my mid 20's.
This is unreal. I swear the only way to have nailed it this hard is to pull my iTunes song purchase history... Well done!
@alexander_lange exactly! It’s uncanny.
I found Nickelback and Britney Spears on my playlist. Well, maybe once I was drunk and broken. BUT NICKELBACK. Impossible at any existing universe.
A few gems in there! Probably a few guilty pleasures too...