Your Summer Rewind by Spotify

The hottest playlist of the summer, made just for you.

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Jesus Kiteque
@jesuskiteque · Consultant
Spotify always showing have better curators than Apple Music.
Hunter Gray
@huntergray · Founder, Klutch
Does a playlist count as a new product? When Spotify launches their Apple Watch app (if ever) THAT would be a new product. None of these playlists belong on ProductHunt.
Looking at my playlist, it seems that this is just resurfacing songs that you've listened (or possibly added) around May-July of years gone by. For me, anecdotally, for every 'summer song' there's a song that I've clearly added post E3 (from trailers such as No Man's Sky and GTA V). I'd say no more than 9 tracks are even remotely summery.
Over the past year or two, Spotify has continued to deliver incredible personalized playlists - Discovery Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mixes, and now Summer Rewind. To me, these playlists are helping Spotify develop a different kind of relationship with their customers - one a bit more meaningful. Hats off to the team for releasing another feature that actu… See more
Sylvain Maretto
@sylvainmaretto · Product Designer, Zalando
Gotta admit the selection is absolutely adequate!