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Spotify always showing have better curators than Apple Music.
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@jesuskiteque These "Your" playlists are algorithmic. I don't disagree that Spotify probably has the better curators (although Apple Music is closing the gap gradually), but these playlists aren't the result of the superior curation. Looking at my list, it seems to just be recycling songs that have had a lot of listening in the past around this time of the year for me (as a lot of my tracks aren't 'summer songs' particularly).
@mrkwse After listening to the full playlist I see also that is an algorithm based playlist. However even in the algorithm game, Apple Music stills behind Spotify. As a user of both platforms I think Apple Music has some distance to go even on the UX side.
@jesuskiteque I'm not sure I completely agree, their "My New Music Mix" tends to be far more reliable for me than Spotify's "Discover Weekly", and their radio feature again tends to be a bit better than Spotify. UX does need improvement, Spotify's mobile experience is a lot better than Apple's for me, but the feature jumble of their desktop app still leaves me a bit burnt. I first subscribed about 7 years ago, and many of my favourite features have come and gone.
Does a playlist count as a new product? When Spotify launches their Apple Watch app (if ever) THAT would be a new product. None of these playlists belong on ProductHunt.
@huntergray Spotify are due to add an iOS app, or at least they seemed to hire a developer of a third party alternative that was previously released: https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleWa...
@mrkwse Yes. Spotify is due for a Watch App - overdue really. And they already have an iOS app. But it's now been 2 years since the Watch debuted so, I wouldn't hold your breath. And if it does come out, it is rumored to not be built by Spotify.
Looking at my playlist, it seems that this is just resurfacing songs that you've listened (or possibly added) around May-July of years gone by. For me, anecdotally, for every 'summer song' there's a song that I've clearly added post E3 (from trailers such as No Man's Sky and GTA V). I'd say no more than 9 tracks are even remotely summery.
Over the past year or two, Spotify has continued to deliver incredible personalized playlists - Discovery Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mixes, and now Summer Rewind. To me, these playlists are helping Spotify develop a different kind of relationship with their customers - one a bit more meaningful. Hats off to the team for releasing another feature that actually elicits an emotional response.
'Your Summer Rewind' will be released every year or just in 2017?
Hope every year we can get this original playlist!!! https://open.spotify.com/user/sp...