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Alex Coleman
Alex ColemanMaker@alexpcoleman · Founder of
Hey all. Course creator here. This is my new online course that walks you through the creation of an entire Laravel web application from scratch, covering all the fundamentals of web development along the way. I worked really hard to make it accessible to beginners, who I think really get screwed sometimes in terms of finding materials that take the time to truly explain concepts. In any case, I'm here to field any and all questions!
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@alexpcoleman Congrats on the launch! What would you say separates your YFWA from other similar courses? was just looking at this great collection of courses by @ankurnagpal - perhaps he should add this one :)
Alex Coleman
Alex ColemanMaker@alexpcoleman · Founder of
@ankurnagpal @eriktorenberg That would be great :) And thanks! A few things make the course different. I took a lot of time to ensure that all fundamental concepts of web development are explained throughout the course, by including plenty of images, analogies, and explanations. I was originally inspired to start teaching coding to others because of how lacking I found a lot of other learning materials to be. (There are of course exceptions.) Too often, code samples are just thrown over the fence without sufficient explanation as to how the code actually works. And that makes it really hard for any of the coding you learn to actually stick. In my course, the reader is guided through the fundamentals of web development *first* -- from the basics -> HTML + CSS -> JS + jQuery -> php + MySQL. And only after laying that strong foundation do they proceed on to building a complete web application. I strongly believe that both repetition and a good groundwork are crucial keys to success when trying to a learn a more complex process like web development. Hope that helps!
Alex Coleman
Alex ColemanMaker@alexpcoleman · Founder of
@ankurnagpal @eriktorenberg And for anyone interested, you can also view a live demo of the course itself here: