Your First Customers

Podcast & book about finding your first customers.

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I can think of about 95 ways to find your first customers :P I don't have a pretty landing page, but I'm putting a book together a book on Customer Driven product tactics including finding first customers and custdev interviews you can also sign up for:
I'm working on this project for two reasons: a) I'm selfish and I need help finding my first customers; and b) this is a challenge that has been mentioned in so many conversations I've had with early-stage entrepreneurs in recent months. In fact, it's the one challenge that seems to have the biggest emotional impact on entrepreneurs. Happy to answer any questions anybody has. :)
Good to see @wadefoster on the list. :) I like that you're publishing a podcast before publishing the book. Will the book be interview style advice or step-by-step guide to early traction?
@rrhoover Thanks for your feedback, Ryan! The book will be more of a step-by-step guide to finding your first customers. Something we've found from doing these interviews is that there isn't one clear cut best way to find the first customers for your business. There are lots of different and very successful strategies that entrepreneurs have used when finding their first customers. Our plan is to create an in-depth guide that goes deeply into each of these strategies and teaches people how to use these strategies step-by-step. These are strategies that can be used by themselves in isolation, or they can be combined to help amplify each other's effects. Though that is the current plan, things might change in the next couple months! If anyone else has any other questions, I would be super happy to answer them. I'm really excited to be working on this book. Finding the first customers for your business is really hard, and Adii and I really want to help entrepreneurs find their first customers so they can continue to grow and build their businesses!
@kaufman_jack - awesome :). Reminds me of @jwmares and @yegg's upcoming book, Traction. I helped @nireyal write his book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. Curious how you and @adii are splitting up the work.