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Relive all the music you discovered and loved in 2017.

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Relive all the music you discovered and loved in 2017, while making some 2018 goals along the way.

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Apparently I listened to over 33 days of music in 2017 on Spotify. 😳 Here's a link to my top 100 most loved songs, generated by Spotify's data science team. Don't judge me too much.
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@rrhoover I'm sad... it's saying it doesn't have enough data on me. But I've listened to Spotify almost every day for the last 5 years :cryingbaby:
@rrhoover @michael_nakayama well that's interesting. A bug?
@rrhoover @megaroeny looks like it. After logging in 3-4 times it ended up working 🤗. I’ve got 42 days this year.
@rrhoover @megaroeny @michael_nakayama 66K minutes for me. Anyone better ? :D
spotify > apple music
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@johnalxndr Google Play Music > Spotify > ..... Apple Music
@johnalxndr I've thought so for years, and for projects like this for sure. But I don't like their curation as much as Apple Music's. I don't always want to "DISCOVER" stuff I've never heard before. In fact, I usually don't. Spotify is so focused on finding me the latest hipster-friendly beats that I never get to hear Otis Redding, or Johnny Cash, or the Beastie Boys, or…
@johnalxndr apple's curation is second to none.
@johnalxndr @cacarr what do you prefer about google play music above Spotify?
One damn project. Love how Spotify is always spot-on with their Typography.

Those little details are why I love Spotify. They're always spot on with those interesting experiments.


Really interesting statistics

Loved the mini-quiz on myself


No cons

I absolutely love these! They're like a Christmas gift but year round.