Let the world see you in 30 seconds (SF Only)

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They produce custom scripted 30sec videos that tells your viewer who you are & what you do
@erictwillis When this idea is executed well, it looks like But we wish them the best of luck. As they say, "Imitation is the sincerest..."
@lovejmw Thanks Jared. We appreciate your support. Like you, we believe in delivering a quality product and giving people an opportunity to showcase their talents and personality.
Thanks @erictwillis for hunting We’re super happy to share our product with everyone today! A YouPlus video is a custom, script based, 30-40 second video designed to showcase who you and what you do professionally. Use your YouPlus video for your email signature, profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc), resume and anywhere you can place a URL. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Thanks for checking us out! We’d love to hear your feedback. P.S. Product Hunters get 15% off with code “PH15" valid through July 1st.
I completely forgot I recorded this video. Nice work, @salaverryphilip. :)
Great for HR and potential job applicant. Really helps bring out applicant's personality which is not obvious just by looking at a resume and a cover letter.
Hi Manas. You hit the nail on the head; when you can "show" who you are and and what you do as a job seeker, sales person, founder etc you have a huge advantage. We had a founder get over 1k views in 4 weeks... that's what this product is all about.