You Got This!

Positive reminders to block out negative thoughts

Positive reminders to keep negative thoughts at bay and improve mood
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Hi Hunters, with a mission to improve emotional intelligence and mental health, I’ve created the You Got This reminder to block out negative thoughts! Its pretty simple: 1. Come up with an advice you’d give yourself in low times 2. Put in your email and hit submit 3. Receive positive reminders via email as you go through your day Its a service designed based on cognitive behavioral therapy acting on the core principle that a person's thoughts will affect their emotions and their behavior. If we could keep our thoughts on a positive note throughout the day, we would definitely have better and happier days. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating mental health problems including depression, anxiety, panic disorders and is gold standard to some. But it's also quite effective at dealing with day to day problems and making effective, rational decisions. With over 332 medical studies, CBT can be applied to anything from trouble sleeping to weight gain. This is something I find quite helpful and I hope it does the same for you.