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Thanks @clemnt for hunting us and hi fellow Product Hunters! We’re very proud to finally share our Lead Management Software here with you guys for the release of our brand new Expert Edition. Our main goal is to make life for sales people a lot easier by providing them with a simple but yet very efficient software to better manage their sales. No more wasted time filling out useless forms like in usual CRMs, we go straight forward to the lead and the app is build so you can’t never ever forget about a follow-up. Our Expert edition target demanding sales people and sales team with features to manage team, privacy and interact between sales. We are of course constantly improving our SaaS software and would love to get your feedback on our platform. I have a special link for you hunters so you can get 30 days free trial: Our app try to be as cool as possible for sales peoples, we have a lot of features to help them but one that I particularly like is the way you can scan business card and turn them into a lead in our mobile app. Here is the video (I hope you'll like this one especially as you can after that use the voice recognition feature of your mobile to add comments to the lead) :
I also add an animated screen shot of our pipeline view that I like that show how you can move your leads through your sales steps. ? We hope you’ll enjoy our product and please feel free to ask any question I’ll be glad to answer to each of them. Sunny
@noryus I love your name. The product looks really clean. Seems similar to How are you guys different?
@andrewwarner Hi Andrew and thanks for your comment. You're absolutely right we're in the same category than Pipedrive. If we would like to compare to restaurants, salesforce would be the michelin stared one while Pipedrive and us would more be in the foodies category. That being said each foodie restaurant is different and it depends on your taste. Pipedrive tends to keep the structured approach with a company, that has several contacts to which you add deals and todo. We're much more unstructured with the lead being at the same time the company, the contact, and the todo. In this way you always have a next action on your lead, it is impossible in our app not to have a next action. The unstructured approach allows us to easily turn business card into leads as shown on the small video. We also have something that is quite unique, it's the prospecting list: it is a kind of online spreadsheet that you can use for your "suspects" if you do cold calling. You import a list from any database or excel, you start to call them and once you see an interest your turn the line into a real leads and then you benefit of our very powerful lead tracking system. This kind of prospecting list does not exists in Pipedrive. We try to stick as much as we can to the way the sales people work. We're also very good at collaboration with a news feed like in social network. It is very efficient for managers, it enable them to see what their sales people do and to help them very quickly.