A clever speaker for kids

Yoto is a clever speaker made for children, with a carefully curated library of audio content that adapts and grows with your child.

Inspired by Montessori principles, Yoto is an audio player that works with physical cards to give children back control over what they choose to play.

Now on Kickstarter!

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Michala Lipkova
Design Lead at Benjamin button
@bendrury lot of people keeps asking me if there will be language versions or if this will be english only?
Ben Drury
Co-Founder/CEO, Yoto
@lpkova we posted an Kickstarter FAQ on this yesterday. We will support multiple languages from shipping and parents can create and upload their own content also
Neil ChiversDad tech lover.

Haven't uploaded my own content yet but that functionality looks cool.


So easy to set up and really interactive. Stops kids wanting screen time and encourages them to think more.


Yoto has to be plugged in... But we can live with that.

Maria Balyasnaworking mum

Handy features include: ability to control it from a smartphone; kids radio; funky illumination to support audio; standby/night-light mode with a simplified clock and sun/moon symbols; ability to upload own content (haven't tried that yet)


Our 20 months-old quickly figured out how to make it work and it keeps her busy ever since!


Ability to operate on battery power would be a great development