Your tool to translate design into mobile apps and websites

Convert your designs into real mobile apps & websites in a few clicks!

Use the professional design tool of your choice (Adobe XD, Photoshop, Sketch, Balsamiq) or draw by hand with our Freehand Canvas and its real-time preview directly online! Check it out!

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Hey Product Hunters 🐱 First of all, thanks to @anthonyrmiller 🤠 for hunting Yotako! We are thrilled to be here! I am Alfonso, founder at Yotako! 🐙 Yotako allows you to translate your hand-draws (draw with your mouse!) and professional designs (using for instance Adobe XD or Adobe Photoshop) directly into code! This is a life changer for either a quick prototype with your customers or for professional use with the best design tools of the moment! 😻 Seems impossible? Amaze yourself by discovering it on our website! (pssst: we have a special LTD offer for a limited time! 🤑) We are hoping to get your feedback, questions and ideas here! Looking forward to your feedback!
@anthonyrmiller @garciafrey will you figure out a way to get those who got pranked into subscribing for your useless service to unsubscribe? I have asked you for months, and have the Twitter messages and everything to show, I am still getting over $30 pulled out of my account monthly for a service I couldn't use even for a day. Please let me go, erase my bank details and figure out a better way to rob other hard-working makers.
@anthonyrmiller @garciafrey @quin_caylor We just sent you an email regarding your issue. Please have a look and sorry for the inconvenience.
@anthonyrmiller @garciafrey @yotako_io thanks. Issue has been resolved, finally. Thank you for your time and effort to make sure this was addressed.
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@anthonyrmiller @garciafrey @yotako_io can you help me out as well. I have sent multiple emails. Even the email you guys provided is not legit.
@anthonyrmiller @garciafrey @anushka_patel Send us your email in pm please or contact us through our online chat so we can have a look at your specific case!
Any plans to support Figma?
Hey @gautch, thanks for asking! We are considering it in our roadmap as other users are requesting this too! We are happy to listen to any other requests and suggestions to hello at yotako doi io.
@gautch @garciafrey I hope you get a lot of upvotes for Figma!
had a demo of this before, it is mindblowing! What's coming next @garciafrey ?
I'm glad you did like it @graeme_fulton ! Let's now how if we can do anything else to continue improving Yotako for everybody!
Futuristic Frontend Development The output code it provided was really ready to go for API integration for the basic apps. Currently, this seems to be the start. Looking forward to have many stacks (Even over modern frameworks and library like react, angular, vuejs etc) and even JS codes in the future. Overall, really great product! Many congratulations to the developers for the successful launch and best wishes for the future.
Hi @saurabh_sonar. Thanks a lot for your kind words and nice review! Very much appreciated!