Human satellite: The way to inner wellbeing

In YOGY you will learn not only about your mission and potential, but also the experience of your previous life, karma and the code of wealth.

Join the millions who use YOGY tips every day and manage any situation easily.

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Hey @yogy, What makes this app stand out from the rest? What's your favorite aspect?
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@jacqvon Thank you for this question YOGY could be your friend on the way of Mindfulness in each aspect of life. It is all about personal development to become free of stress. 1- All advises in YOGY app regarding: health, family, business, awareness, mission etc. are based on successful and practical experience of helping people (around 100 000 people ) during last 40 years and we continue to do it. 2- You may find the unique content about causes and consequences of your negative emotions and thoughts – this is our favorite aspect :). 3- You may find a mini-game for intuition development 4- Helpful Features: to set your goals in each sphere of life, you’ll receive daily advises to each sphere of life, you can analyze your daily activity, find information about your friends etc.