YoGrow Ecommerce Stack

A curated list of the best tools for your online store

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"I was always told a good workman never blames his tools. But having the right tools can help! We've put together a selection of the top tools and services for online stores." I think this idea is fantastic as a go-to for reminding yourself what tools to investigate when creating an online store, good work YoGrow
I'm always happy to support Elliot and the awesome work he does. This is an awesome list of some fantastic tools. Many of which I use myself and with Multi Million pound clients to ensure they get the best from technology. Would be good to see Hotjar, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Maropost, Asana, Wunderlist, Toggl, and Trello on the list as they are all fantastic in my opinion :)
@stevewoody82 Thanks for the feedback and support :) We'll get those added asap
Hello I'm Elliot from YoGrow. We've just launched the ECommerce Stack, a curated directory of services and tools used by online stores. I'm here to answer your questions about what we're upto. In a nutshell, the stack shows what you can use with your online store. You can also vote up the tool or service that you use. We've been inspired by the stacks out there at the moment and thought it was something that would benefit the ECommerce world. We're focused on helping ECommerce stores grow their revenue. It's what we do at YoGrow. I'm happy to answer any questions or drop me a line on twitter @raisonco! Cheers
Nice! Your submit form is closed though.
@antoneliasson Thanks! And we've just fixed the perms on that form - you can now submit. Sorry about that
@raisonco @antoneliasson Doesn't look like we can submit. The link goes to the form editing?
@nwkwan @antoneliasson Second time lucky - fixed (again)