Yo Store

Hot content from your favorite things Yo'd in real time

Yo Hunters, In the past few months we've been working hard on partnering up with top brands and content providers like BuzzFeed, USA Today, NBA, MTV, and even Lil Bub. We set out a goal to build a central place where people can subscribe to their favorite things and get realtime high-quality/low quantity content pushed to them as it happens. Wether it's sports teams, TV shows, Bitcoin price, funny memes, hot products (wink wink), or anything, users can get Yo'd about anything. Most people won't download an app for every little thing they care about and now they don't have to, they can get updates on anything in one app - Yo. The new Yo Store is built to enable easier discovery and preview of what each Yo service actually send. Each service shows screenshots of Yo's that have been sent in the past so users can know what to expect when they subscribe. Yes, just like the App Store ;)
Since Yo launched, you've attracted haters claiming it has no utility or justification for raising VC money. The Yo Store[1] is your first expansion into something more useful and hints at the future of Yo. What's your grand master plan, @orarbel? 😃 [1] TBH, I'm not a fan of the name, "Yo Store." It sounds like a merchandise shop or a place where I'm going to have to buy things when in reality it's a directory or community of integrations. Just my 2 cents.
@rrhoover about the name - we thought about it a lot and how to call it. In the end, since it is essentially similar to the Apple App Store, we thought most people would associate Yo Store with App Store and it's better than other names we thought about like "Index".
@rrhoover our goal is to be the most efficient way to move information. Wether it's a Yo or a Yo Location between friends, links from publishers, or other small pieces of information that has context. We focus on removing friction from repetitive tasks related to moving information. Think about all these redundant taps and keystrokes that you could be spending with your loved ones!
I can't tell whether this is absurd or brilliant. Definitely interested to play with it