Yo Polls

Frictionless polls. Vote from your lock screen.

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Apps are struggling to secure real estate on our crowded phones but notifications bypass the coveted homescreen and in this case, are completely useable without ever opening the app. Very clever use of interactive notifications:
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@rrhoover I love the interactive notifications. Wish more apps embraced this UX. I'm curious though what the conversion rate is though and if it's better than delivering surveys via SMS or native in an app. By habit, I'm used to swiping right and not left so I wouldn't see the survey answers. Maybe that's just me and my bad habits :)
@dleesta we're here to change your bad habits πŸ˜„ opening sms or apps to vote in surveys? So 2015
Thanks for the hunt @ourielohayon! Yo Polls is the first application of an operating system for the lock-screen. Less apps, more contextual interactions 😎 In our vision we see a world where a lot of the things we do today through apps, would accomplished from our lock-screen. Yo Polls app is us scratching the surface of this vision πŸ“²βŒšοΈ
@orarbel @ourielohayon We have liked your naming for some time... @YoYopine πŸ‘
Wonder if it could be bumped up a notch in a future release to do image visuals aka Polar-like polls. http://www.polarb.com Not sure on the notification restrictions, tho. Maybe not possible, the hack I'd look to use would be maybe exploiting a loophole in avatars to get the images.
@treejanitor At the moment there is no api for presenting images in notifications although some native apps do that (iMessage for photo messages, Passbook for boarding passes). An interesting thing though is that the available payload size for notifications increased from 2kb in iOS 8 to 4kb in iOS 9... πŸ€”
I like this. Simple, useful, creative. Wishbone for your lock screen.
Liked the idea, and execution. Is it possible to have multiple options (more then 2) poll ?
@sanketmehta7 not on iOS ..