We’re pretty psyched to be launching on the Apple Watch today! With communication on the Watch stripped down to its simplest and most efficient forms, it’s in many ways the perfect device for our platform. We’ve worked on bringing the wrist to life using our easy and familiar interface. From sending your loved ones a Yo, to Yo’ing your friends your location - it's probably the easiest way to communicate from the Watch to other devices. We’ve introduced a new feature for the Watch that lets users see a photo with a caption when they receive a Yo Link. Subscribing to the things you care about from the Yo Store lets you take in key updates straight from the Yo within seconds. It’s pretty sweet. Looking forward to hearing your feedback :) Happy Yo’ing!```
It was awesome sitting in the next to the YO team when they were testing their app at the Apple Watch Lab. I wrote about it here and why YO might be the killer app for the Apple Watch:
Considering Yo is all about simplicity and reducing friction, the Apple Watch makes a lot of sense. What are the strongest use cases you're imagining for Yo in this new interface, @orarbel?
@rrhoover user to user interaction with Yo is effortless on the Watch. Its an incredibly easy way to Yo your friends and share your location. The range of partnerships and integrations built using our platform over the past 10 months are now even more useful. From getting a Yo when your package has arrived, to getting a Yo when something is trending on Product Hunt. It can essentially replace the core functionality of Watch Apps, notifications, within one simple platform. We’re excited to see what new use cases for Yo the Apple Watch will inspire. ```