programmatically send Yos (contextual messages) through API

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Yo, @orarbel! Congrats on the raise and the internet love/skepticism. :) What use cases are you imagining?
@netspencer @rrhoover this is about building a platform where push becomes something entirely different than what it is today. Can you use something like this to create increased engagement or better conversions? That is what seems interesting to me.
The app Yo just raised $1MM today. And they've also released this API which proves that maybe, just maybe, there is something to the idea that would make it worth so much to VCs. My favorite two examples from the post: "A blog can Yo the readers whenever a new post is published. Imagine getting a Yo From PRODUCTHUNT." "An ice-cream truck can Yo the kids when it’s around the corner.… Imagine getting a Yo From THEICECREAMTRUCK."
Build your empire on top of Yo.
Interviewer: "How did you grow your billion dollar business?" Interviewee: "Because, Yo."