A website builder for small business owners

Yet is an online website builder to help small business owners build a simple and beautiful website in a few steps

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Hi @wwayne, how does it differ from Wix, Jimdo and the others, or why didn't those available tools on the market satisfy the needs of your friends?
Hi @valerioneri one of my friends running a small jewelry studio, she wanted to have a very simple website to demonstrate her products to the potential customers but she knows nothing about what a beautiful website should be and she doesn't wanna spend too much time on customizing her website. she told me Wix and Strikingly I recommended to her are still too complicated, so I'm trying to build another website builder to make things really simple.
@wwayne_me Thank for the reply - it's nice to see there is still cake left ;)
Hi everyone :) A couple of months ago, My friends asked me to help them build simple websites because they can’t DIY on the website builders I recommend to them, so I built Yet to help small business owners to create website in a few steps, I hope Yet can be helpful for those who have no idea about coding and designing. Yet is still in the MVP stage, so just let me know if you have any questions. Cheers
@wwayne_me Could you mention some specific options, which differ this tool from another web building softwares like Mobirise, Wix and so on. Is it possible to create a multilingual site or add some difficult structure to the site? I would like to create a page by adding branches from one block to another. Is it possible to publish the project to my own host?
I like the template generator based on the two questions! congrats on the launch! 😸
@wwayne_me congrats on the launch! I'm curious if you'll be interested in our affiliate program: Let me know. Cheers
Hi @sikachev , thanks. I don't think I need it at the moment but I bookmarked it haha, thanks for the recommendation.
samilar to but I like yet better