An iOS keyboard to express your inner Kanye, all day

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Hey guys, Dory and I just launched our side project YEMOJI ( which allows you to express yourself with a spectrum full of stickers from one of the greatest faces of all time, Kanye West. We think it's pretty fun but also a quick way to get across certain emotions and ideas that regular emojis just don't quite capture. Hope you enjoy it, ALL DAY.
@chpolk hey Chris why does yemoji need full access to my keyboard (which includes past things I have typed on other keyboards including passwords and credit card numbers) ? I downloaded the app and installed the keyboard but I'm hesitant to give full access. It could help if you explain why yemoji needs full access to my keyboard ..
@chpolk I was excited to check this out but I'm getting a Heroku "NO SUCH APP" error on
@goelv Great question, YEMOJI only needs full access so we can put the YEMOJI in your clipboard. There's no logging/transmitting of conversations on any level. This is just a standard Apple warning for installing an iOS keyboard.
@atroyn Should be back up now
@chpolk I think educating the user about that would be good - will calm paranoid users like me.
Perfect companion to Ye.i., a Kanye West tamagotchi in your pocket.