A print zine celebrating artwork by ethnic minority artists

"Yellowzine is a booklet of journeys, a collection in which ethnic minority artists have the liberty to recount and reflect on their process; what makes them artists, and where it all began. We're aiming to use societies’ marginalisation of artists of colour to create our own space." - Aisha Ayoadde, Founder of Yellowzine

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I'm digging the art and it's interesting to see magazines making a comeback. Also visually striking is @ilikevests' recently launched Spectacle Magazine.
I recently discovered @aishaayoade's Yellowzine, immediately ordered a copy and am now obsessed. I thought I knew who all my fave artists and designers were but through Yellowzine have discovered so many incredible new creators. I want to rip out every page and frame them. @aishaayoade could you please tell us more about the story behind Yellowzine, what you aim to achieve and how you find these amazing visual artists? 🎨🖼🖌
@aishaayoade @abadesi Thank you for your kind words Abadesi! So glad you're enjoying your copy Yellowzine was initially created as a passion project by myself and my brother Oreoluwa after seeing the lack of concrete BAME representation in the contemporary UK art scene. We came up with Yellowzine so we'd could help diversify contemporary art. After months of going through our favourite artists on instagram and discovering new talents, we reached out, did a bunch of interviews and then our debut issue, 'illustration', was born. We aim to continue to do this on a larger scale, whilst creating a directory for minority ethnic artists in the UK

Yellowzine has made me realise even more just how the art world excludes many talented creators, I'm glad I could discover talented new artists and will continue to support their work.


Any art and design fans will fall in love with the images inside - there's incredible variety throughout the magazine.


None so far!