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#5 Product of the DayDecember 05, 2018

Instant communication app built in 1 week and winner in Makers Festival 2018.

  • Tim Walling
    Tim WallingFull-stack maker

    interesting idea assuming I understand what it does from the limited info


    no demo on site, setup process has been rough, have to force quit using activity monitor, finally setup but I have no one test with

    The site really needs a better description and demo video. I was honestly interested in seeing exactly what it does but setup has been rough today and I've had to force quit the app several times only to finally get it setup and find out it's pointless without someone else to try it with. I'm not going to ask someone else to go through the setup I did though.

    Tim Walling has used this product for one day.
  • Rodrigo Hillion
    Rodrigo HillionWeb Developer

    looks easy to use


    doesn't work, I get the "Connecting.." and it dies there

    Well just that will wait for more updates to see if I can make it work. But the idea is great, I always think how Slack doesn't have a feature like this already!

    Rodrigo Hillion has used this product for one day.
Thanks for the hunt @abadesi! YAC was a blast to create over the last 2 weeks, and we were super stoked to see it win the Remote Workers category in Makers Festival 2018. Please hit us up with any unique ways you're using the app and of course hammer us with feedback.
@itsthisjustin Looks awesome! Is it free? The landing page could probably use some more detail 😄
@daviswbaer ha well it was a 1 week hackathon so yes over time we may beef the page up a bit!
I remember only a few weeks ago we were discussing building this on our Slack, and now it's a winner. Products, they grow up so fast :') And now I won't stop bothering @itsthisjustin with questions, ever! #TeamSF
@parasharanmol Glad to have you be a part of our team man!
Looks really cool! Can't wait to try it out - I can see endless trolling opportunities with this tool 😛
@zelena Thank you! Let me know what you think of it after you do so. Any sort of feedback would be super helpful for us!
A few thoughts trying to install and run it. A bit more of a demo screencast or something on the site would be great. After installing it, I could find no way of quitting it. The icon showed up in the toolbar and I set up a username, saved it but that screen just wouldn't go away? Is the profile photo also required? Is that why I couldn't seem to do anything else? I had to quit the program using Activity Monitor. There are no contextual menu options on the toolbar icon. Overall, I just have no idea what to expect for the app. What does it do exactly?
@twalling yes profile photo is required. After that quit is a context option from settings.
@itsthisjustin added photo and screen is still stuck on setup, no settings or contextual menu, happy to connect off of here if you want to debug any of this further
@twalling There's a known issue with photos that might a bit big. I had that happen on a high res photo. It'll eventually upload but if you don't want to wait, just use a smaller lower res image. On the list of things to fix!
Heads up everyone! Looks like we got the PH hug of death. Stand by for a server increase! Getting things back online now.
New version just uploaded to the site. If you're on the older version, it'll still work but it's recommended you update.