Powerful free app for generating high-quality diagrams

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Ravi VyasGrowth at
I have been a long time user of yEd, love it, have used to to make simple flow charts, architecture diagrams and more. It can have a small learning curve, but is pretty simple to use once you get the hold of it .
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David Ryan
Creator of Corilla.
One thing I loved about using yEd back in my days at Red Hat (where I avoided using only the Mac-based tools my Linux-only colleagues wouldn't use) were the awesome Swimlanes templates. So many similar product skip this, and it's such an essential part of my workflow as a product manager that I often went to yEd just for this. As a small request, I do wish they would ramp up the quality of the UI and overall UX and compete with the likes of Omnigraffle, or just open source it however.
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