Year in Pixels

Keep track of your mood during all year using pixels.

Year in Pixels was made to keep track of your mood during the entire year, using pixels. You can load this page every day and select how you're feeling.

The tool will keep track of your mood and give you a visual for how you've felt during the year.

If you use different browsers or computers, you can import/export your calendar too.

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What a cool project @kinduff, I love using tech to make us better, whether that's self-reflection, self-awareness or general wellbeing. When did you first have the idea for this project, and what was it like building it? Thanks
@abadesi Thank you Abadesi, I'm glad you liked it. This was a Friday project, the inspiration came from a bullet journal I saw online. I enjoy to build tools that help people out. What I liked the most about building this was the user experience: porting the idea from a notebook to a digital application makes you think a lot about usability.
I would love to have some sort of account to store my data without exporting/importing on different devices. Maybe also a reminder, because I always forget to track things like that. 😝
@yurimoreno This feature it's being develop, expect it very soon. It will include optional e-mail alerts too.
Willing to have more red and orange pixels :)