A 100% anonymous ask & answer app.

YeaNay is a 100% anonymous ask & answer app. Submit your own yes or no questions and answer others' questions.

-An ultra simple experience

-Completely anonymous

-See how others have voted immediately

-Easy to flag inappropriate questions

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8 Reviews2.9/5
Thanks for sharing @thelissilent what was the thought process that led to you building YeaNay? And were you listening to the Silento track Whip/NaeNae while coding it? 😄
@abadesi Thanks for the comments! Whip/NaeNae wasn't my main inspiration, but no one has to know that :) I think there's something freeing about being able to ask and answer questions anonymously nowadays. There's so much of us out in the internet nowadays that it's hard to post anything anywhere without some repercussion, so I think we're really careful and we really tailor the messages we put on social media. Being able to ask a question without anybody knowing it's you let's you ask things you probably wouldn't ask on social media, and I think people are more honest when answering questions, because they're not worried about "likes" or support from their peers.
@thelissilent Love that! Yes I do miss the good ol' chat rooms of the mid 2000s where you could discuss the most inane stuff... I guess some people have that in Reddit but I always find its UX leaves something to be desired.
@abadesi Yeah I agree with reddit. But even there, you have a sort of "ulterior motive" with upvotes and internet popularity, even though it feels "anonymous".
@thelissilent So true, I only recently learned about people that create multiple aliases to upvote/ start debates... crazy times we live in.
No iPhone app?
@daviswbaer Not yet :( Hopefully in the works soon, but we're a small team right now.
@daviswbaer Stay tuned though! I'd love to get this on iOS. Just takes time.
Interesting concept. Simple design. Not sure how useful in practice.
I love the app! The Android version is very nicely polished :-) Would love to see an Adaptive Icon and a light navigation bar for Android Oreo users!
An Android-first launch! That's gotta be rare 🤔