YC Remix

Synergy between humans and computers in creativity

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
These little generators always interest me! Read the backstory here YC Remix is a very simple tool. It uses a description template for startup ideas introduced by Paul Graham: for . YC Remix randomly draws from a list of known entities and another list of targets and puts them together. The known entity list is the list of all YC startups that aren’t dead. The probability of picking a given startup is proportional to the Alexa ranking of that startup’s website. The list of targets is comprised of both previous YC startup targets (phrases appearing after “for” in the descriptions on yclist.com), as well as some targets related to the categories in YC’s requests for startups list.
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Jason Bell
Marketing PhD Student
Thanks a bunch Raz. YC Remix is a conceptual spin-off of a research project I'm working on about humans and computers working together to make better new products, faster. The concept for YC Remix is really, really simple, as you can see. I thought the right community could extract value from it, or at least have some fun.
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