Yarn for Slack

Drop TV and movie clips into your Slack chats

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Back in my day, you had to leave your chat window, go to a search engine site, futz around with messy links and then *hope* your audience would actually click on a youtube link with no preview. You kids have it so easy, with your `/yarn use the force` and your `/yarn only a flesh wound` and your `/yarn milk was a bad choice`. </old man rant> Comedic reference calls for timely delivery, and Yarn for Slack delivers on this front. Fun stuff!
@bargar Nice picks for Slack searches, btw! Here's the links I got back to them when I tried them in Slack: "Use The Force, Luke" - Star Wars Episode IV https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/794... "It's just a flesh wound" - Monty Python https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/123... "Milk was a bad choice!" - Anchorman https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/20d... We are hoping that Slack whitelists us at some point and lets us play them inline. We are considering doing animated gifs instead of the static versions in the meantime.
@treejanitor @bargar Please also "suggest" to Slack that Yarns should be played inline...oh look, a handy form :) https://getyarn.slack.com/help/r...!
@geofree @bargar I think that link is specific to each team's Slack account... Here's a generic one, but I do believe it requires you log in to your Slack team https://www.slack.com/help/reque...
Amazing and so funny add-on for Slack. Great work!!!!!
@marceloscandolo Thank you Marcelo! We appreciate the kind words.
Are there any special tricks to help refine the searches at all? It seems to me like there could be lots of “hello" or "that’s crazy!”?
@jms_r41 Hi James... thanks for the question. Well, one little trick that I don't think people know about it is how you can limit the answer of a search by the title of the show. The title normally factors into finding Yarns, but sometimes you really just want to look for a specific movie or series or whatever. if you do: /yarn :'Star Wars' father That would limit the content titles to only _'Star Wars'_ related titles that had _father_ somewhere in the quote. It's a good way to try to narrow down the results some if you are looking for something specific. That colon at the beginning is short for "title:". It does a strong match against the title. We find that some titles are commonly used words, so it helps. Hope that helps. We have more qualifier and magic words coming... Also you can use the existing subcommand /search like this: /yarn /search father This will give you a bunch of URLs to look at before sending one on in Slack.
@jms_r41 @treejanitor there may even be some 'easter eggs' in there...I'm sure people will stumble across a few
This is an amazing addition to slack. Its interesting how you never know what you need until someone creates it, right now I definitely need this.
@kanetmike Thanks for the kind words, Mike. Glad you like it! We're working on adding new features and hopefully Slack will let us play the videos inline at some point.
@treejanitor if the addition provides value to some of its users which I figure it absolutely does, Slack will most definitely have no chance at saying NO.
@kanetmike That's what we hope. Plus we'll continue to roll out other interesting integrations... _hint_ email similar to slack _/hint_ most likely this week.
This is an amazing and hilarious timesuck on Slack :) Saw this recently on http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/... and have been using with our team. It's like using giphy but better since there is sound on these clips and you can search for any quote.